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To know Syria is to have knowledge of a legendary world. Palmyra is like a pearl in the heart of the desert. Rising from the sands, is one of the most graceful and splendid ancient sites on the East. The glory and the greatness are still evident and fully years after its construction by the Arab Queen Zenobia.

It remains one of most famous capitals of the ancient world.

Palmyra is separated by around one hundred kilometers of steppe from the lush valley of the Orontes to the west. There are more than two hundred kilometers of desert to cross before you reach the fertile banks of the Euphrates to the east.

In both, north and south there is nothing but sand and stone. But here in Palmyra, a last fold of the Anti-Lebanon forms is a kind of basin on where a spring rises out from a long underground channel which depth has never been measured.

This spring in inscriptions is called Afqa (or Ephka), an Aramaic word meaning “way out”. It is clear, blue, slightly sulphurous water, which has medicinal properties and fed an oasis with olives, date palms, cotton and cereals. For generations this oasis was known as Tadmor.

Close up of ancient Palmyra Palmyra Baal Shamin Palmyra Sunset
Palmyra tower tomb Palmyra Zenobia inscription Scene of the large theater
Temple of Bel in Palmyra The decumanus main street
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